Our Mission Statement: To ensure that the Gay community is enabled to fully participate in the social, economic, cultural, political and artistic life of the wider Cork and Kerry area.


We are currently undergoing many changes at CGCDC including updating our new website and moving to a new location.

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About Us

The Cork Gay Community Development Co. Ltd. evolved from political and social initiatives dating back to the early 1980’s. In the early Seventies the first recorded meetings took place in Popes Quay under the guise of the Cork Naturalist Club.

Parents / Family

It is never easy for parents when their children tell them something which they find difficult. From the moment of their birth you have planned their whole lives in your head; where they will go to school, college;

Coming out

In the past, few people were lucky enough to declare their sexual orientation in a relaxed way. Today it is considerably easier – though still not without hazards and problems.

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Dave Roche - Manager

Office: 021 430 0430

Email: info@gayprojectcork.com

4 South Terrace, Cork City, Ireland



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